What Google Can Teach Small Businesses About Cloud Computing

cloud computingWhen it comes to cloud computing and data warehousing software, it’s hard to deny that Amazon is — and has been for quite some time — the industry leader. Google has quickly become a viable contender for cloud based services, as an article published in Computerworld on June 1, 2015 has stated. Amazon was the first major company to have an important role in cloud computing, and the extension of programs like Amazon Prime and Kindle e-book subscriptions has made the online shopping marketplace accessible in both B2B and B2C business.

So how exactly has Google managed to compete with Amazon? And what can other businesses learn from this?

First off, it’s important to realize that not all cloud computing services are equal; one provider can’t possibly create a cloud program that appeals to every business and every consumer, so this doesn’t mean that any one provider is necessarily better than the others.

But what allowed Google to compete with Amazon — while Amazon was at the top of its game — is simply that Google has created programs, like Adwords and Analytics, which have helped other businesses utilize their data. Many businesses aren’t aware of just how much data they already have — in fact, about 99.5% of data is unused, and this is largely because businesses don’t know that it exists, don’t know how to use it to their benefit, or don’t have the resources to analyze it.

So how exactly can other businesses learn from this?

Most businesses focus on solving immediate problems — a recent Gartner survey, for example, found that the top priority of 64% of CEOs is currently revenue growth. Amazon took advantage of this priority by providing products and equipment that can serve as a solution.

But when Google stepped in and began offering products to businesses that could allow them to analyze their own data — without having to purchase all of the data warehouse equipment, since everything is stored in the cloud — businesses were able to retain customers, reduce cost and improve productivity over the long term. In fact, businesses that use analytics — like what Google provides — tend to make good decisions, and make these decisions five times faster than other businesses.

This is one of the focal points that businesses today should pay attention to: the fact that tons of valuable data already exists. Regardless of what your business’s top priority is — be it marketing, IT updates, or expanding your customer base — cloud computing software can help you get there because it allows you to utilize all of the data you naturally generate without realizing it.

So, if you’re thinking about switching over to a cloud service provider for software and data management, the real question to ask yourself isn’t whether a provider is offering you their own solutions for problems; you want to ask if they’re providing you with software that fits your needs and allows you to use what you already have.

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