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“The world’s first virtual laptop in the cloud—custom configured & ready to use—The first true collaborative platform for developers.”
– Created by Step Ahead Solutions

ODL is your personal On-Demand Laptop in the cloud.

It’s perfect for students and developers who need short-term access to software, development tools, and frameworks but don’t want to get locked into expensive licensing commitments or deal with the hassle of installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Access your ODL anywhere, from any WiFi-connected device. Share it with your developer friends. Create awesome apps together and test them in a multitude of environments.

ODL is a game changer

ODL was born from the idea that everyone should have access to powerful computing, not just the few who can afford to shell out thousands of dollars on equipment and tools.

Since it’s pay-per-use, ODL is affordable to virtually everyone. Just tap into your virtual laptop any time you want, let the creativity flow from your fingertips, and relax. All of your work is automatically saved and secure in the cloud.

With ODL, you have never to worry about roadblocks like these…
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Imagine what you can create with all of the typical obstacles out of your way.
The world is literally your oyster.

ODL connects to tons of cool things…

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This is just the beginning. If we reach our funding goal, we’ll be able to offer even more applications, cloud providers, and development frameworks. We’ll hire programmers and developers to continuously enhance our technology. And we’ll take ODL to the next level: The Internet of Things.

ODL is as easy as 1,2,3

ODL is a developer’s dream. Within minutes of setup, you can tap into a fully engineered system and get to work.
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  • 1: Log in to our portal and create your on-demand laptop based on your needs and preferences.
  • 2: Look for your credentials in your inbox.
  • 3. Connect to your ODL—anywhere, from any device. Park and reuse it just like you would a computer.

ODL thinks outside of the box

For years, developers have been using virtual machines as their primary development environment. But VMs are risky and come with some serious complications.

Value Comparisons VMs vs ODL

>Require hardware to operate

>Restricted by memory and storage

>Huge file sizes, difficult distribution

>Crash if your hardware stops

>Upgrades are complicated

>Updating content is super time consuming

>Scales up and down as needed

>Tiny file sizes, ready to use in minutes

>Can be stopped and restarted any time

>Mobile-friendly and totally secure

>Immune from data corruption

>Easy updates, version control

ODL makes collaborative computing a reality

Since ODL lives in the cloud, it can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere. Developers can team up with designers. Programmers can work closely with testers. And students can innovate with other students. We are on the path to creating the world’s first collaborative marketplace—where development with no borders, no limitations truly exists.

Available ODLs

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ODL has come a long way

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style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What is ODL?
ODL stands for On-Demand Laptop. It’s an engineered system that contains cloud-based infrastructure, operating system, network, VPN, desired applications, and data—all bundled into one virtual computer system that’s available on demand and billed based on usage.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>How do I create an ODL?
ODLs are created using a web-based application. Once you finish building your virtual laptop, simply click the Create ODL button. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email containing your ODL login credentials.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>How do I access my ODL?
ODL can be accessed from any WiFi-connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can provision, deliver, start, stop, restart, and save your ODL at any time, from anywhere—even when you’re 35,000 feet above the ground.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>How do I share my ODL?
Sharing is easy. Once you have the RDP file or the IP address and login credentials for your ODL, you can email it to anyone and they can access it right away. Please note that only one user can access the ODL at a time. By default, multiple logins have been disabled—but can be enabled upon request.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What happens if I lose power or Internet connection when using ODL?
Nothing! Since ODL is operated from the cloud, all of your work is saved in real time. So, everything you did before losing your connection will still be there when you log back in. Your ODL never goes off unless you turn it off.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>Will I be able to download software on my own?
Absolutely. However, you are responsible for the licensing of any software you download. You can also download and use trial versions of software. Any software you license on your own can be saved in your ODL vault and distributed to others.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What about licenses in ODL?
ODL comes with subscription-based licenses of operating system, network, and applications (where applicable). All licensing details are clearly articulated in the ODL agreement. Most of the applications we provide are offered under development licenses and should not be used for production. Production licenses may be arranged through Step Ahead upon request. Your existing production licenses can be migrated to your ODL.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What happens if I corrupt the ODL?
You can trash that ODL and get a new one. If you’ve saved a custom configuration in your ODL vault, you can instantly restore that configuration and get right back to work.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What happens if I have connection problems or am not able to access it?
Just log a case with the help desk through our Support Portal and someone from Step Ahead will get in touch with you and resolve your issue right away.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>Can I use more than one ODL at a time?
Yes. You can open as many ODLs as you’d like from any device or computer.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>What kind of system do I need for ODL?
ODL runs on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with an Internet connection.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>Do I need to have an account set up with a particular cloud provider like Rackspace, AWS, etc.?
No. If you have one, that’s fine—but it’s not necessary. You can choose whichever cloud provider you prefer during the easy, dropdown setup process. All you need is access to our web-based application, CAPS. Choose your cloud provider, operating system, applications, framework, etc.—and within minutes, tap into your personalized virtual laptop. ODL is totally elastic and available on demand using a single login.

style=”border: #f1d4cc 1px dashed; padding: 4px; margin-bottom: 6px;”>Is ODL secure?
ODLs can be custom secured to the level you want. Access to local disks and operation in public clouds can be restricted. You can also enable RSA security authentication on any ODL.