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CSBe is a technology agnostic brokered service for the development and deployment of enterprise applications in the cloud. Implement your IT strategies on any system with just a few clicks.

Enterprise app development and implementation is critical for competing in today’s market. With CSBe you can build, test, and implement enterprise apps without the time, expense or expertise required for on-site hardware installation.

  • Utility based metering - only pay for what you use
  • Save your configuration and restart it anytime

CAPS™ help you to

  • Shift your focus towards organizational growth and use technology effectively
  • Increase your ROI and reduce your TCO for enterprise class ERP, SCM, HCM, CRM, DW and BI applications.
  • Build your own custom ODL™ vault for your specific needs and is tightly integrated with your technology and applications stack
  • Park and reuse your ODL™ for handling computing needs as a utility-type smart metering solution
  • Migrate your computing power from hosted/in-house data centers to the cloud via Step Ahead’s CAPS™
  • Reduce your barriers of entry into cloud computing

Key advantages of ODL™

  • High-end server on a mobile device at the touch of a button
  • Engineered systems on demand – cloud based infrastructure + enterprise class applications + comprehensive support – all bundled in one solution
  • Cloud provider agnostic
  • ODL™ dramatically reduces your IT expenditure on infrastructure, systems & applications
  • Comprehensive on-demand support for each ODL™